9 Steps to Whole-Listic Health

9 Ways to Whole-listic Health


During a recent open discussion we had at the Beginning Anu; Rebuilding THE Temple retreat we delved into what Whole-listic health is and it ot pretty interesting so I wanted to share a little with you guys. Although the questions came from all over the board, everything from nutrition and fasting, male and female fertility, solar/lunar cycles, spiritual sexuality, modern life and everything in between, we were able to overstand how it all works in unison together. How can this wide range of things be related or even similar you may ask? Well they are all, as a whole, related to and inseparable parts of, life. They are just like different working parts of “The Whole”. The same as your different organs and glands, muscles, bones, chakras, energies etc. work in unison to operate your body as a whole unit, so do the different components outside of your physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies come together to create your reality, your world as you know it. Collectively these things create a balance in and around the physical body that resonates on a harmony or frequency that, on a scientific level, promotes the cells to divide in a way that the new cells are actually stronger than the cells they split from. On an energetic or physical level it’s the vibration of love; the resonance of the color green. To bring balance to the heart and experience all of the different levels of love is what Whole-Listic health is about. Here are 9 ways to help you achieve Whole-Listic health.


  1. THE Temple; the physical body is where all begins. It is the root of health, it is the being. Without the physical body functioning properly, not to mention on an optimal level, nothing will be achieved to the fullest. It is paramount that you care for The Temple with love, respect and care. What you put into it, on it, and around it are all very important so be mindful.12627
  1. Grounding is vitally important especially in the modern lives that we live. With so much electronic interaction, we’re not just exposed to this electronic pollution, but continually bombarded with it day in and day out by everything from our cellphones, tablets and computers, to televisions, microwaves, synthetic light, etc. This effects our energy body which is our first line of defense for our physical bodies. We take on this electronic static and grounding yourself, simply removing your shoes and letting your bare feet touch the ground, does a lot to help discharge this static build up. Beyond that we are healed through our feet and we are always wearing shoes, with rubber soles, disconnecting us from the healing energies that come from the heartbeat of the Earth.


  1. Meditation is a key component, just like grounding discharges the energy and physical bodies, meditation helps to discharge the mind. We gather so many thoughts and images through our daily lives that many times it becomes like clutter for our minds to have to sort out. Because we’re able to function with all of this clutter we don’t really notice it, but once you begin to quiet the mind through regular practice you will begin to experience an inner peace that nothing or no one can take away. Meditation is about receiving, so when coupled with prayer (positive affirmations) it is very useful in manifesting thoughts


  1. Nature is all around us, even in the city life surrounded by skyscrapers. If you look for it you will find it, and when you do, find the the time to actually appreciate it. Watch the birds, listen to the ocean or river, sit under a tree, whatever you have access to take advantage of it. Like grounding this helps to create a favorable harmony within the body, which is lost when we are plugged in and disconnected too much and too long.


  1. Proper dietary practices can’t be stressed enough. It is where you either enhance or add to the temple or take away from it and aid in it’s detriment. The things that you consume are the first basis in how the body reacts, how it processes information, what and how it sees and feels. Most of the things, not just food and drinks but entertainment, relationships, motives, are all stimulants. We are all overly stimulated and it starts with the things that we put in our mouths. The right stimulant will change your very thought and the whole series of events that follow, how important is what you put into your mouth?


  1. Fasting is something that should be practiced regularly. When we stop eating the body automatically goes into clean up mode. Even eating the cleanest diet regularly will leave a residue in the body that builds up over time. This residue hinders us from functioning at optimal levels. Just think if a neuron is trying to fire through gunk, it would be just like your fuel injector in your car being clogged. By regular fasting (9 days per month) we give the body an opportunity to catch up and even get ahead of the curve.


  1. We’ve all heard that you’ve got to get your proper rest and this is true. The whole 8 hours a night is one of those urban legends. Maybe if you are functioning at normal capacity (appr. 60%) you may need 8 hours every night, but as you become more electrical you’ll also become more energetic. Sleep is the time that the body focuses on cleaning, processing, and most importantly rebuilding. It’s not operating all of those other functions like walking, talking, looking, etc. so it puts emphasis on getting ready for the next day. The way that you rest, the times and the state of the body when you sleep are all important factors in this level of health.15111asolarirrad


  1. Not to get too scientific but the body houses serotonin and melatonin, which are released during different times of the day and night. Just as the sun and moon emanate different frequencies of light from each other, they also emanate different frequencies at different times. When the sun first rises it’s a different color than at noon or when it sets. Each color is a different frequency. Same for the moon, which also dictate the birth cycles. With so much artificial light our body sleep cycles are off and so is the release of our hormones like serotonin and melatonin. When exposed to certain vibrational frequencies these hormones have been known to do some pretty incredible things like cause “spiritual euphoria”, activate locked DNA sequences, greatly accelerate cell regeneration, etc. So if you time your dates on the proper moon cycle, and are able to schedule your day to properly take in the different solar frequencies, rest and sleep properly you have reached the optimal level of physical health. Well with the exception of the addition of Sex and Making Love to that equation.

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Sex and Lovemaking are very essential elements in Whole-listic health, just as essential as everything else listed. As you achieve these different levels of health each one becomes as important as any other because together they function independently as a whole to create a balance. Once you achieve the balance within self through the other practices You can achieve the ultimate depths of self through the exploration of the sexual energies and unity of another. Although it may seem as though you are exploring your partner youare really exploring yourself because you act as an inner mirror to each other.


When this energy is unified, what is true marriage, and functions as one, it then creates a new type of energy that we know as love. Hence “Making Love”, “Sexual Healing”. When you are able to achieve this state you cause the cells to split/explode at a more rapid rate. Cells which are born stronger and containing more light energy in the nucleus than the cells that they split from, literally regenerating your physical body, strengthening your light/energy body and creating a harmony that benefits all life that it comes in contact with. Of course we saved the best for last, and this is ideally where it belongs. Once you have achieved all of the other elements of Whole-listic health then comes the work on the spiritual and sexual front, which are one in the same. 12402

When you and your polar opposite (male+/female-) are both functioning optimally you should spend at least two days a week making love and resting. I don’t mean twice a week, I’m talking about 2 days 48 hours set aside per week, solely for making love, intimacy, resting, and sleeping. Intimacy and lovemaking should be at least 6 hour per day with resting and sleeping between. The more that you indulge the better at it you will get. This is very important work that has to be done to get to the next level of Whole-listic health.