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    Is it television or “Tell Lie Vision”?

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    29th May, 2015

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    • I had an interesting conversation with my father not long ago about watching t.v. If you know my father then you know that he’s quite the thought promoter lol. The conversation had to do with me not watching television but spending hours on the computer. In his mind the computer with internet access is worse than television. I disagreed so we debated for a while and finally the argument drew it’s conclusion at this “The computer is worse than tv because a person can’t turn on the tv and learn how to make a bomb and blow up buildings, when on the computer it’s just a few clicks away”. I had to give him credit because he made a very valid point, but what I had to point out to him is that the only reason a person would want to make a bomb, or even know what a bomb was, is because of the images that they’ve seen on tv. The average child has seen death 1,000 times 100 different ways by the time they’re old enough to operate a computer and it all comes from the images that are shown on the tv screen.
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      A lot of times we don’t realize the influence that this “Tell lie vision” has over our thoughts, desires, decisions and even fears. It wasn’t until after I stopped watching it that I realized how much of an influence it played in my life. When I looked around my house everything that I had were things that I’d seen on television; the foods in my fridge, the cars in my garage, the clothes in my closet, and even the thoughts and opinions in my mind. I began to realize this after I decided to broaden my horizons and venture out to do things and visit places that I’d always deemed as “bad”. I was surprised again and again by the paradigm shift, and began to think “why did I think bad about this”, “from what info did I form my opinion”? That’s when it dawned on me that most of what I thought about the things that I didn’t actually “know” were ideas and ideals that I had gotten from television mostly, and other people (who’d probably gotten it from tv). It is a very powerful tool that can be used to either enlighten or manipulate. How easily could you get people to literally hate a group of people that they have never met, interacted with or had any type of relations with, that live half way across the world if you controlled what the world saw and heard about them? In the same breath you can take someones villainous actions and make them look like charitable contributors to the world.
    • 323The bad part is that you have a mix of both, so now you have to take the truth with the misinformation; the good with the bad. I approach television just like I do with food and pretty much everything else in life that I know is contaminated; if it’s not good for me then I just don’t indulge. We should all make it a habit to start weaning ourselves off of these unhealthy vices or “devices” and you’ll begin to see a shift not just in your mind, but in your reality as well. I know that some of us are truly addicted, and even you can do it. Start off with one day a week that you don’t turn it on, then gradually graduate from there until you’re rarely watching it at all. With knowledge comes responsibility. Keep it whole-listic55


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    Why Women are so Negative

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    25th May, 2015

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    • Now that is the million dollar question. I actually considered holding out with the answer for the million dollars but decided to share it with you instead. The first thing we have to look at when addressing this is what is “negative”? Could it possibly be that the way we perceive the word itself has a lot more to do with it than the question of why? I mean we look at negative as if it’s a bad thing when in reality it’s just the polar opposite of positive, which we view as a good thing. Since I’m on a roll I’m going to go ahead and say it now that men are positive. Don’t worry ladies I’m also working on a piece which will encompass my version of why men “cheat” …which is the $10 million question. Getting back on track, the way that we look at negativity and positivity as if one is good and one is bad, is no different than looking at light and dark as if one is better than the other. Realistically too much of one or the other creates an imbalance, but nature usually restores that balance and brings it all back whole.batteries
    • Take a look at a AA or AAA battery and you will see that both poles are represented. One has a little point protruding from the tip of it and the other has a little indentation. The one with tip represents the positive pole and the one with the indentation represents the negative pole, just like our sex organs; just like us and just like our solar system itself. By nature, by science, by metaphysics, however you choose to look at it, the negative energy is always attributed to the feminine because negativity absorbs. Negativity is also associated with magnetism, which is absorbent as well. Every since the ancient times magnetism and negativity has been associated with the feminine divine energy. Keep in mind that we are speaking about times in which matriarchal societies existed; the woman was revered, and stood along side the man. The times that we live in now are very different, with the rise of the Western world came the rise of the patriarchal society in which is male-dominated. Could that possibly have anything to do with the reason why we view positivity as a good thing and negativity as a bad one in this day, the same way that we view the male as superior to the female?


    • What we really have to understand is that we live in a world of duality were almost everything has a (+) and a (-), and we view bipolar-ism as a disease. Everything that lives is bipolar and this includes things that move and things that don’t. Think about a magnet, it has two poles and is a very good example of magnetism and how it works. If you get two magnets together they will either attract or repel one another depending on the alignment of the poles, the same way that two women will usually get along really well or not be able to stand one another. We all possess both positive and negative charges in varying amounts. It’s just that men are dominated by positive or electric energy and they exude energy out. Women on the other hand are dominated by magnetic or negative energy and they receive this energy in.


    • Could that possibly be why during sex once a man, well most men, expends his seed ( which is filled with “Chi” or life force energy) he needs time to allow himself to build that energy back up again before continuing? When most women, on the other hand, can go on for as long as they choose and can have limitless orgasms without physically tiring? Could this also have something to do with why most women are usually more “in tune” with their environment and the things in it than the average man? A lot of times men will be more aware of their environment but a woman will be more “in tune”, kind of like left brain logic and reasoning as opposed to right brain intuition. And us men wonder how our women always know when we’re troubled or hiding something, or when there is tension between other people that may not be showing on a physical level. Things of that nature have to do with being in tune with your environment more so than aware of it, although a balance of both is ideal. Could that possibly be why they say that women are more in touch with their “feelings” because” feeling” has more to do with absorbing what is around you?


    • Now let’s look at it from a physical level, our sex organs alone tell us what they do. The penis protrudes out because the man emanates energy out, and even his ejaculation flows out of the body. The vagina is internal because the woman absorbs energy into herself, and even her orgasm is internal. When this is done right the result will be what we know “metaphorically” as “energetic affinity” or when two hearts beat as one. That is when electromagnetism is created and both hearts vibrate on a frequency who’s harmony is the color green; i.e. “making love”. I will do a whole 7 day retreat this summer delving into this subject a lot deeper, but for the sake of this article let’s just say that men and women actually bring balance to each other. Neither is any more or less important than the other. As a matter of fact it’s not until you are able to unify them both and bring them into balance, i.e. two hearts beating as one, and complete the circuit, that you truly get to experience the benefits of electromagnetism on the physical level, or “Making Love” and also commonly referred to as “Sexual Healing”. They are much more than just words of a song.


    • Now that we have a fairly decent understanding of electric and magnetic, or positive and negative we can take a deeper look into what happens when you combine the two of them together. If you didn’t spend too much time sleeping in science class, or if it isn’t too far back for you to remember, you may recall this energy called electromagnetism. This is just one of the different types of energetic reactions that our bodies create. Considering that one gender is dominated by the electro and one is dominated by the magnetism, when you are able to bring both of these energies together and fuse them, it can create a very powerful electromagnetic current. As a matter of fact the body is also capable of producing an atomic energy as well, known as the kundalini energy, or what is also known as the energy serpents that run up the base of your spine. This is depicted in very ancient symbolism, one that we know to date as represented by the caduceus often seen associated with the medical industry. The staff itself represents your spine, the two serpents represent the kundalini energy rising up the spine and the wings represent the level of consciousness that you achieve when this energy is harnessed. That’s a whole different conversation, so we won’t go too deep into that right now, but we will address it at a later date. Now getting back to negativity and women, again we have to think about how we perceive the word negative itself. We have to learn to start looking at things not as good or bad, but as they are and how they balance each other. Because that’s what it’s all about, maintaining or achieving a balance. That is what the union of man and woman is about to create the balance. So yes women are negative, that’s not a bad thing. We have to start looking at things in their dualistic states, and quit trying to separate everything into little sections and isolate other things. That’s one of the reasons why this movement is called whole-listic; the idea is to approach everything whole-listically, looking at it as a whole, good and bad/positive and negative/light and dark, etc. because we know that when we look at something partially, the only part that we will know of is the part that we see. There could be a whole other part that we don’t see that balances out the part that we do see. I don’t know if that MAKES any sense to you but just let it marinate for a while.

    I hope you found this helpful. If you’re interested in going deeper we have a whole series of workshops and retreats where we are able to get much more in-depth on these and many other subjects dealing with life. We appreciate your comments and will try and answer any questions you may have. Remember with knowledge comes responsibility, Keep it whole-listic.

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    Where do you get your Calcium?

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    16th May, 2015

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    We’ve all heard the tales of milk being rich in calcium but how true is that really? One of the first questions that we should be asking ourselves is “if milk is supposedly rich in calcium, then where do the cows get it from”? First let me say that milk is NOT a good source of calcium. What it is-is one of the most mucus forming so called “foods” that you can eat. It literally causes cell erosion, so how can it be good for you? How good can the source be if it’s breaking down the very core of what it’s supposed to be feeding/helping/nourishing? We know not.

    These are some good sources of calcium that you’ll find in your pantry or fridge that will do you very little, if any harm at all (Seeds, Butters, and Nut Milks). That is the key, finding sources of what you need to maintain optimal health with causing yourself no harm in the process.chart1

    Something  to keep in mind is that calcium ingestion is important, but what’s even more important is calcium absorption, especially for people who regularly consume meat. When we consume meat the byproduct that’s extracted as waste is uric acid. We know that acid of any kind in the body, especially in the blood, causes major problems so the body uses it’s stores of minerals to bind these acids when this happens. In the case of uric acid it happens to utilize it’s calcium stores, which over long term will cause all kinds of problems from organ failure to bone density loss. So there are  factors other than the source that you must consider as well. In order for the body to absorb this calcium efficiently and have it assimilate are just as important as getting it. You can have a whole barrel of gas but if you don’t have a way to get it into your gas tank where it can be used then it’s like not having any gas at all.

    Without getting too scientific I’ll mention that certain minerals bond well with other minerals which make them more “bioavailable” or easier to absorb into the body. So there are food combinations that work well together. I know for those that love to eat this can sound a little scary but don’t worry, these combinations usually compliment each other taste wise too. “Let they food be thy medicine”…. Keep it whole-listic.




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