What’s your vice?

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        Here we go with this sugar again. Literally it is the number one drug in the world and mostly everybody I know, including myself, is addicted to it in some form or fashion. We tend to not look Read More »

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    Organic or Inorganic…….that is the question

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    Can GMO’s be organic? This is a question that has been posed to me on many occasions and most are surprised by my response; Yes. There are different levels of organic and depending on your school of thought you could Read More »

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  • Is beauty really skin deep?

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    29th August, 2014

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    The Essence of True Beauty is….

    ….health. You can’t have health without “heal”ing. Looking good on the surface means nothing if it’s not resonating from the inside, from your core. If you want pretty skin then you should have strong and clean blood. It’s simple science, beauty is a byproduct of health; what’s going on inside of you will be reflected by what’s seen and felt on the outside. If you want to be healthier, if you’re tired of being tired, if you’re sick of being sick, or even if you just want pretty teeth, skin and strong hair and bones, we can help. There is no secret potion or superfood that’s going to do it, but it can be done. We offer a host of classes and services from personal training, private chef/electric cooking lessons, nutritional coaching, pantry/fridge makeovers and general health guidance. The time is now. If you’re interested in learning more please email consultations@thewhole-listiclife.com with your questions, queries and contact info. Or if by telephone please include name and best times to call. Thank you


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