The Good Weeds

Funny that the things that grow naturally in our yards, like dandelion and amaranth/calaloo greens are considered weeds. We go and buy chemicals and pesticides to keep these things from growing in our yards, then turn around and go to the grocery store searching for nutrition on the isles and in the produce section. If we knew that the weeds we just killed were 10X more nutritious than anything we could ever find in the stores, would we start eating from our yard and not from the supercasket? Why is it that a newborn calf, goat, horse or pretty much any other animal in nature knows inherently the things that it needs to consume in order to compliment it’s life? How does it know the single most important decision it needs to know to sustain it’s life; “What to put in it’s mouth”  with no training, no schooling or education. Here we are, “MAN”, with all of our education and technological advancements, degrees and gadgets, but we are lost when it comes to the basics of sustaining life. We are the only creature that depends on the knowledge of another to get us through life when we, just like the animals in the wild, are ingrained with the knowledge of self and life at birth. A tree doesn’t have to be taught to be a tree by a river, or another tree, nor does a gorilla go to school to become a gorilla. They just are because that’s what they are. So are we, but between television and school we have no idea of this, we’re lost. With knowledge comes responsibility. If you know better you must do better, Keep it whole-listic2555 2544 2545