Got Worms?




One of the most commonly overlooked problems we find with maintaining our health is one that lurks beneath the skin; parasites. We’re all exposed to them on a daily basis and they are everywhere. To avoid them altogether is near impossible, but there are ways to limit your acceptance of these tiny creatures into your temple. The best way is to create a condition that is unsuitable for them to live inside of you; an alkaline environment. Even that is not 100% fool proof. So what we have to do is periodically cleanse and purge ourselves of them, then keep the temple up to par so that they don’t want to live in us anymore. It’s a lot easier said than done, especially when you consider that the average person walking around has a pH slightly to highly on the acidic side. This is the environment that not only parasites. but all diseases thrive in. We often think that these creatures; parasites, bacilli, etc. cause the condition for disease, when it’s actually just the opposite.



We create the proper environment by consuming acidic foods, which build up faster than our bodies can rid itself, and what happens is that you have a build up of waste material in the body, similar to a trash heap or landfill. This not only invites these things inside of us, but creates conditions for them to thrive in, not the other way around. Once we have an infestation we begin to see and feel the signs of them. Everything from unhealthy digestion, skin problems, low energy and fatigue, irrational behavior and cravings, mood swings, etc are all things that can be directly related to parasites in the body. There are many different type, but most reside in the gut area because it’s usually where the most suitable conditions are. Ever get the itchy butt, or the unbearable craving for something sweet at night? Chances are you’ve been hijacked by parasites that want you to scratch so that you can help them to release their eggs and eat something acidic so that they’ll be nice and comfortable when these eggs hatch. Don’t worry, there is hope. There are many foods that act as natural anti parasitics such as papaya (especially the seeds), coconut (especially the meat), pineapple, soursop (especially the seeds), etc and many herbs that have the same properties. I would suggest making these foods a part of your regular diet but I would also suggest doing a parasite cleanse at least 2-3 times a year. This will help to not only eliminate ones that are already living inside of you, but prevent new ones from nesting, and even more importantly promoting overall good health.  We do offer a product with our Herbal Plumber Deluxe that includes compounds specifically designed to kill and rid the body of parasites. We offer it as a whole therapy program because it is safe and most effective when used as instructed. Only using a parasite cleanse alone is not a guaranteed method simply because the dead and paralyzed adults need to be evacuated from the system as well as the blood cleansed of the eggs. If you don’t use our system do your research and use something because it is very imperative for your health. With knowledge comes responsibility. Keep it Whole-listic.