• Anonymous

    As a member of the program I have seen significant benefits in my overall health. I have suffered with a chronic respiratory condition that affects your lungs, causing   shortness of breath, decrease O2 levels, rapid heart rate, considerable weight loss . After eating fresh wholesome fruits and veggies in just a few weeks  I have seen and received  an improvement in my O2 saturation, and a rise in my energy levels. Drinking Alkaline water, smoothies, preparing cream milk, eating nutritional meals all truly have been a life altering experience for me and my family. To stay healthy you must eat healthy, to heal you must also eat healthy . Good Health  to you and yours!


  • T.

    I was a sufferer of asthma since childhood. I never was far from my pumps because even though I love to run I still had to keep them with me. I tried many things even going vegetarian and even though my overall health improved my asthma didn’t go away. In almost a little over a week into the program I stopped using my pump. After about a month I stopped carrying them. I’ve more than doubled what I can run now and the best part is the foods ate so rich in flavor. The things I’ve learned have literally changed my life.



  • N. Carey

    I have noticed improvements in my overall health since eradicating meat from my diet. My observations were my drastic changes in bowel movement, I eliminate more frequently than before. I have more energy and vitality where I no longer have that sluggish tired feeling throughout the day, feeling like I need to take a nap after a meal. Loss of weight and the shrinking of fibroids that I had suffered with for years, which meat were feeding and making the tumors bigger. I’m still not where I want to be but I strive to implement and improve upon the levels of learning and seeking nutritional eating, knowing that it is viable to my current and future health…

    N. Carey

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