Is it television or “Tell Lie Vision”?

  • I had an interesting conversation with my father not long ago about watching t.v. If you know my father then you know that he’s quite the thought promoter lol. The conversation had to do with me not watching television but spending hours on the computer. In his mind the computer with internet access is worse than television. I disagreed so we debated for a while and finally the argument drew it’s conclusion at this “The computer is worse than tv because a person can’t turn on the tv and learn how to make a bomb and blow up buildings, when on the computer it’s just a few clicks away”. I had to give him credit because he made a very valid point, but what I had to point out to him is that the only reason a person would want to make a bomb, or even know what a bomb was, is because of the images that they’ve seen on tv. The average child has seen death 1,000 times 100 different ways by the time they’re old enough to operate a computer and it all comes from the images that are shown on the tv screen.
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    A lot of times we don’t realize the influence that this “Tell lie vision” has over our thoughts, desires, decisions and even fears. It wasn’t until after I stopped watching it that I realized how much of an influence it played in my life. When I looked around my house everything that I had were things that I’d seen on television; the foods in my fridge, the cars in my garage, the clothes in my closet, and even the thoughts and opinions in my mind. I began to realize this after I decided to broaden my horizons and venture out to do things and visit places that I’d always deemed as “bad”. I was surprised again and again by the paradigm shift, and began to think “why did I think bad about this”, “from what info did I form my opinion”? That’s when it dawned on me that most of what I thought about the things that I didn’t actually “know” were ideas and ideals that I had gotten from television mostly, and other people (who’d probably gotten it from tv). It is a very powerful tool that can be used to either enlighten or manipulate. How easily could you get people to literally hate a group of people that they have never met, interacted with or had any type of relations with, that live half way across the world if you controlled what the world saw and heard about them? In the same breath you can take someones villainous actions and make them look like charitable contributors to the world.
  • 323The bad part is that you have a mix of both, so now you have to take the truth with the misinformation; the good with the bad. I approach television just like I do with food and pretty much everything else in life that I know is contaminated; if it’s not good for me then I just don’t indulge. We should all make it a habit to start weaning ourselves off of these unhealthy vices or “devices” and you’ll begin to see a shift not just in your mind, but in your reality as well. I know that some of us are truly addicted, and even you can do it. Start off with one day a week that you don’t turn it on, then gradually graduate from there until you’re rarely watching it at all. With knowledge comes responsibility. Keep it whole-listic55