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Base Therapeutic

Price : $675.00 $450.00

This base therapeutic  package is designed to give you The foundation of what you need in order to accelerate the detox process, arrest the diseased state and begin the reversal process to reclaim your health. This package provides you with:

  • 7 days accommodations in clean, private, well-appointed cabin @ TW-LL Village
  • English speaking guides and staff
  • Electric gourmet meals (all recommended/approved foods)
  • Daily electric herbs, exotic fruit and fresh made juices and elyxirs
  • Access to geo-thermal alkaline water in all natural pool setting
  • Alkaline swimming pool
  • Internet/wifi access
  • Hot water showers
  • Electric lifestyle networking
  • Community/Nation building sessions

With this package you’ll be provided with all that’s needed to accomplish overall health and healing. You can also enrich your experience with other optional excrusions and activities or you can take advantage of the ammenities that the Vilage has to offer and just relax and revitalize. Transportation from and to the airport can be arranged if needed, just inquire while booking.

(extended stay periods negotiable depending on availability)

For more booking information email or call 011.504.9777.5278 or 713.239-9063 (U.S.)


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