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Electric Foods Co-op 1/2 Share

Price : $75.00

Half Share includes
Seasonal alkaline herbs, chickpeas, ancient grain breads,, grains (such as amaranth, quinoa, spelt, kamut, and rye), a variety package from our Whole-listic Gourmet Transitional Foods line, including vergers (choice of I can’t believe it’s not crab cakes or Portabello Croquettes, Kale/Quinoa, Electric Vegan breakfast patties), I Can’t believe it’s not Oatmeal 16 oz, 1 Flava from the Himalayas, 6 gluten free vegan muffins (a choice of two varieties), a choice of 2- 8 oz(avocado dips or hummus dips). a variety of fruits and veggies such as: mangoes, oranges, melons, burro bananas,  avocados, onions, peppers, tomatoes, kale, spinach, okra, culantro, and coconuts.
 For Houston area only.

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