Herbal Plumber 2 Week System

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This is a combination of two blends of native electrical plants to give the body help with a deep and thorough cleansing and detoxification. The Herbal Plumber itself is a two part system that promotes the body to release a lot of the stagnate waste that we have clogging up our intestines, but it also promotes the spongy tissue and organs where a lot of toxicity is stored, to release much of these built up toxins. The second part of this system is designed to help nourish and electrify the lymphatic system, which is especially helpful after the blood has been taxed from the release of toxins.

The Herbal Plumber promotes healthy cleansing of the body; naturally. Some of the side effects include “Weight Loss”,  increased energy, increased libido and stamina, clearer thinking, clearer focus, and tighter skin.

Comes in easy to brew tea bags that taste very palatable.

“The herbs are for the healing of the nations”

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Weight 6 oz lbs

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