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Beginning Anu; Rebuilding “THE” Temple

Price : $2,699.00



We’ve often heard the age old adage “The body is a temple” right? That’s actually wrong because what it should read is “The body is THE temple” and we probably would put a lot more emphasis into the building up of self; body, mind and soul, than we have with all of the things outside of self. Now that we’ve come to the realization of the importance of the building and maintenance of the temple we have to reestablish our health, our vitality, our mind and align it with spirit in order to achieve the greatness that it is we are here to do.

That premise is what this get away is designed on. Those that have been thinking, feeling, and knowing that you want to, have to, need to take those thoughts and put them into action. You are ready to take the next steps necessary to lay the foundational stones of Whole-Listic health and healing; body, mind and soul. This retreat is built around the elements of, first and foremost, healing the physical body. There are many elements to this alone. The food, is just one of them, the herbs is but another, the thermal waters are very essential, and the environment in general is vitally important because collectively all of these things effect the mindset, and the mindset is where all the elements of healing begin. You will have an opportunity to learn about a many number of things through the offered courses, activities and workshops that include;

  • Native foods 101 on a first hand basis.
  • Basic herbology 101 on a first hand basis.
  • Basic and advanced meditation practices
  • Yoga
  • Whole-listic exercise and training programs
  • Temple cleansing 101
  • Whole-listic fasting and dieting principals
  • Electric Gourmet Food Preparation 101
  • Whole-listic Tantra and Sexual Healing 101
  • Crystals and natural stones 101
  • Energetic Healing principals
  • The essence of the womb
  • Natural curative thermal waters
  • Native and indigenous village visits/trips, local festivals and cultural events
  • Jungle excursions and nature hikes
  • Mayan Pyramid ruin excursions
  • Scuba and snorkeling excursions to world renowned Hogg Islands.
  • Minutes from Dr. Sebi’s world famous USHA Village
  • Easy access to other surrounding Caribbean Islands and locations such as Cayos Cochinos, Roatan, Belize, Jamaica, Virgin Isles, Puerto Rico, Cayman, etc.

You’ll also become part of a network of like souled men and women so that all our horizons are broadened and collectively our knowledge base expands. We want to lay a foundation so you know how and where to find different things and people in your area once you return home; an extended family. This is about networking, building and rebuilding communities starting with self.

These retreats Do Include Airfare (from most major U.S. destinations) and Pick Up, up to 10 days/nights stay in either a private (1 bed) or a shared (2 beds) bedroom, or open dorm (based on availability) at the Whole-Listic House of Healing and EdificationNative foods and Gourmet MealsNative Herbal CompoundsWorkshops Courses and Lectures, and Transportation to any Scheduled Activities. This retreat will be available to attend with open dates starting from Oct 30th 2015 – until the week of Dec 6th 2015, and also Jan 1- Jan 31st 2016. A number of the listed activities, workshops, courses and excursions will be offered throughout the duration of the dates allotted. During booking you can inquire about certain points of interest that you may have and what the scheduling of those events may be.

We all well know that healing the temple is the basis for all other health, and before you can achieve your greatness mentally, spiritually or sexually, you have to be able to express yourself fully from the physical being i.e.; being healthy. Your health is your true wealth and the first 4 letters of health is what? HEAL

If you could, why not take a vacation of true value; one that actually pays you instead of you paying for it? Why wouldn’t you take a trip where you bring home more than just memories, videos and pictures, but something that you literally and tangibly can use in your life every single day? Things that will enhance your life, literally extend it and add quality every single day. Why not invest in yourself; hitting the reset button on health and Life? Is there a better investment in the world, whether time, effort or money? This is true for every single one of us, and especially true for you if you are currently sick and only getting sicker. You will not only gain the experience of healing the most natural way, in the most natural setting, but beyond that you will learn how to continue the process when you return back to “normal” life. What can be a more valuable investment than YOU?

(extended stay periods negotiable depending on availability)

For more booking information email or call 011.504.9777.5278

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