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Therapeutic 14

Price : $2,160.00 $1,799.00

This is a 14 day retreat package designed to take you a leaps and bounds in the correct direction for overall/whole-listic health. What we’ve done is put together a “whole-listic” therapeutic  package to give you not only the basis and foundation for mental, physical, sexual and spiritual health through a series of planned classes, workshops, and activities, but to also provide a taste of some of the different resources, amenities, sights, and pleasures that this beautiful land has to offer. Of course health and wellness is at the top of the equation; it is the foundation whenever it comes to life, so it is with all of our packages. We want you to leave exhilarated and edified. Our mission is to make you better than you were before you arrived, close the gap between you and your health goals. These are some of the events, activities and courses that we offer to our guests. Some are just a part of everyday life at the Whole-listic Life Village, and others are part of special trips and excursions that we plan. This inclusive package consists of:

  •  Airport/Ferry Landing/Village Transfers/Transportation w/escort
    • Accommodations in clean, private, well-appointed cabana @ Whole-Listic Life Village
    • English speaking guides and staff
    • Daily meals (all approved electric foods) and exotic fruit
    • Daily electric herbs
    • Weekly laundry service
    • 2 Local beach excursions or nature hikes
    • 2 Electric Gourmet Food Preparation classes (learn to prepare some of the dishes we serve)
    • 1 Electric foods nutritional class
    • 2 massages w/ clay bath (in geo-thermal waters)
    • 6 thermal water excursions (swim in geo thermal waters in a beautiful natural environment), unlimited access to geo-thermal river and natural pool
    • 2 native and indigenous village visits to experience the culture
  • Cleansing, detoxing, and fasting for optimal health (class)
  • Kundalini/The Great Arcanum; energetic sexual transmutation (class)
  • Jungle excursion and nature hike to beautiful destinations
  • Visit Native and indigenous Garifuna villages to experience the culture
  • Island hopping excursion (visit other nearby islands and beaches)

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