Whole 9 Deluxe Starter Program

Price : $649.00

This is similar to the regular starter program but not only is it more thorough and in-depth dealing with special needs and conditions, but it also is designed to take all of the guess work out of the whole transitional process. This program includes an initial 45 minute telephone consultation to establish a comprehensive meal plan and to address long and short term goals, and two 15 minute follow up calls to assess progress and make adjustments if necessary over a 30 day period.

It will also include;

45 minute verbal consultation

Two 15 minute follow up calls

Herbal Plumber 4 week cleanse and detox program

Special Needs herbal program

Combination verger and patty mix(4 lbs)

Ancient Grains bread mix (1 lb)

Flava from the Himalayas seasoning salts (choice of 2)

I Can’t Believe it’s not Oatmeal (1 lb)

Electric Foods Cookbook

Nutmilk Kit

Maca Plus powder (8 oz)

Seamoss Plus powder (8 oz)

Skin Food 100% natural topical moisturizer and nourisher (16 fl oz)

Rune bacterial wash (4 0z)

Save over $100 with this bundled package.

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