Portobello Croquettes

Price : $14.00

Another of our gourmet “Vergers” who’s versatility proceeds itself. Put it on a bun or flatbread for a delicious veggie burger, crumble and add to your favorite wrap, top with an array of sauces and use, with a side or two, as a main course.  Made with all alkaline ingredients, seasoned with all electric spices and native herbs. Just brown in a pan or heat in the oven and enjoy.

Contains NO SOY, CORN, REFINED SUGARS, GMO’s or PROCESSED INGREDIENTS. 100% Natural (from nature)

1 lb rolls (yields app. 6-10 vergers per pk)

Special Shipping rates apply (6 roll minimum for shipped orders, mix and match any combination of verger and patty mixes)

Available on backorder

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs lbs

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