Starch is it good or is it bad?

This list goes much deeper than these few items that you see on the picture. Most of the things that we eat are starch based, including many of the “so called” healthy foods. I remember growing up we always talked about food “sticking to your ribs”. That’s what we considered nourishing foods, ones that filled you up and “stuck to the ribs”. What we didn’t realize was that as it was sticking to the ribs it was also sticking to everything else (starch is a binder; a “glue”) it came into contact with in the process. We loved starchy foods like red beans or blackeyed peas and rice with sweet cornbread….mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie… need I go on? We love these foods not just because they’re filling, but  also the taste and texture going down is so good, and if you get really deep we love the way they make us feel. Why are they called “Comfort Foods”? But the question we should be asking is what is it that these foods are doing inside of us besides the obvious things like weight gain and constipation?

Well on a scientific level starch is actually a chemical that acts as a neurological stimulator, which means that it stimulates the brain in the exact same way that all of the other addictive stimulants like nicotine, cocaine, etc do. So starting on a foundational level we know that it’s one of the most addictive substances on the planet. It changes the way that your brain functions, the same way that a drink or two of alcohol does. Then going into the physical effects, once the body extracts what it can from these foods the starchy residue that’s left over is an acidic mucus that is stored in the mucus membrane (until it gets so full that it ruptures, i.e. the origins of disease) and what’s left is passed through the body as waste. Once the body is over ridden  with this mucus you’ll have the onset of serious disease. If it is circulated inside of the system you may begin to suffer with smaller internal conditions ranging from high cholesterol or blood pressure to fibroid tumors emphysema, etc. This is usually a result of the longterm build up that happens from eating this way for long periods of time. Beyond that it causes inflammation on a cellular level which is expressed with the swollen mid sections that so many of us walk around with today. So many that it is accepted as normal for anyone over 30 yrs old. That inflammation causes constipation which is the next step down the road to serious problems. If the waste can’t pass through the system effectively then they begin to break down and decompose before ever reaching your stomach, which is how you get “gassy”. That gas, which is toxic,  is being absorbed into your organs and tissues, creating a whole other host of problems. That’s why cleansing the whole body, including the digestive system, organs, tissues, blood, etc, is so important.

Many of us have no idea what the foods we “Love” are doing to us until we get that dreaded diagnosis. Why wait until someone else tells you that you “have to” take drugs for the rest of your life when you can make some minor adjustments and avoid it altogether? We know that only pointing out all of the problems is fruitless without giving solutions to replace them with. We are here to help. There are a lot of things that are good we just have to be re-exposed to them and let nature take it’s course. We have a lot of available tools and resources for those that may be trying to find their way through the maze. Check out our recommended foods guide and recipes (link below) and we also have a lot of transitional food products, cookbooks, workshops, retreats, and many other things to bring like minds together for growth, edification and healing.  These tools are only valuable if you use them. Remember that with knowledge comes responsibility, Always keep it whole-listic.

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