The Choice is yours…


We live in a world of choices. We, especially in the western world, we covet those choices to the degree that we base our quality of life on the amount of choices that we have. We look at limited choices as primitive and lots of choices as modernized. It is this very line of reasoning that gets us in trouble. How is that you may ask? It’s very simple, the most important choice that we make every single day (several times a day) is what we choose to put into our bodies. It’s just food right, as long as it tastes good and gets me full then it’s probably going to be a top choice. That is the most untrue statement that someone can make. The food that you put into your body will dictate many things from how well your body is nourished to what diseases and ailments you’ll suffer from. What you eat is the difference between not only how you look and feel, but how you preform and are able to function on a daily basis as well. I can never understand how people can be conscious of the type of gasoline that they put into their automobile, opting for only premium unleaded with techron etc, but absolutely clueless about the fuel that they put into their bodies. How can that be? We must understand that the body truly is the temple and everything in your world starts and ends with it. If your body isn’t functioning properly how likely are you going to be able to make that high performance vehicle perform to it’s peak if you aren’t anywhere near yours? Would you put diesel fuel in your Ferrari?

Junk Burger

Why do we do it to ourselves everyday? I know that it’s a difficult fix because we have so many things that we love, that we know are bad for us, but we indulge still the same because they “taste” so good. Funny thing is that most of what we call food in todays age isn’t actually nourishing at all, it’s more like stimulants. Yes just like coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, valium, etc. These “foods” stimulate the brain just like other drugs because that’s exactly what they are. Sugar and starch are the biggest culprits and the one that we all have the biggest addictions to. When we crave Doritos or Ice cream or a pepsi those are the same chemical reactions happening in the brain as the ones for that alcoholic craving a drink or that smoker wanting a cigarette.


That’s just one facet of it, the craving/ addictions, now let’s look at what it does to the body. Starch is a binder that’s used to hold two things of different origins together. Yes glue is an excellent example of what I’m explaining because glue is starch. For those of you that are culinarily inclined and are familiar with cornstarch you know that it’s used to thicken things and “bind” them together. That’s the same thing that it does inside of your body, thickens and binds. Worse than that is the fact that it’s acidic. Starch and especially refined sugars are converted into carbonic acid inside of the body and this usually binds to your bones, accumulating mostly at the joints and give you all kinds of pains from it. Arthritis is a good example. This acid forms a mucus that as it builds up, thickens and hardens, becomes what we know as plaque around the joints.

With this in mind why would we continue eating it? That is a question that you would have to answer for yourself. For each of us it’s a little different, most of us were raised on a starch heavy diet so we don’t know what else to eat. Others know the dangers of it and what to eat but may continue consuming it because it’s convenient or don’t want to be one of those food freaks that watches what they eat. Or the most commonly overlooked; we are addicted to them. With knowledge comes responsibility so you have a responsibility to yourself. No more putting the doctors, the FDA or AMA in charge of your health….it’s your responsibility. Keep it Whole-listic.