What’s your vice?




Here we go with this sugar again. Literally it is the number one drug in the world and mostly everybody I know, including myself, is addicted to it in some form or fashion. We tend to not look at it as an addiction since everyone around us is hooked on the same drug, so there is a degree of normalcy in its usage. Don’t worry, it’s all by design and not entirely our fault. That still doesn’t negate the fact of what it does to us, how it affects us, and how it literally changes the way we think. Not only that, but it also makes us much more docile and compliant, and a lot less likely to take any real interest in the other things going on around us.





Sugar isn’t like a drug, it literally is the most addictive substance known to human beings. It affects the brain the same way that tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, and heroin does. These are all the same drug, just different concentrations of it. A prime example of this is how much looser and freer you become after having a couple of drinks. Generally when we are in this state of mind we question a lot less and tend to go with the flow a lot more. Just think about when training animals, what do they give them as a reward for doing what they’re told or taught? Almost every single time it’s going to be a sugary or starchy snack. The way that sugar confounds the hypothalamus gland, it redirects the thought patterns and makes clear thinking a lot more difficult. If you tell me that you think just as clearly under the influence as you do when you “think” you are sober I would have to question that. We are all functioning sugar addicts, we consume enough to affect the way we think and act, but it’s so widespread in usage that everyone is under the influence and seems like it’s just normal.










What’s even worst is that we force this addiction on our children almost at birth. To a newborn baby it’s mother’s breast milk is sweet and until you introduce something sweeter to its taste palette. If you look at the ingredient list of the major name brand baby food companies you will see that the list is pretty consistent; about 40% corn syrup, about 14% soy protein, and 10% sugar. So between the corn syrup and sugar at least 50% of your baby formula is an addictive form of sugar. And you wonder why as adults these addictions are so deep-rooted in us that we choose to overlook it, and even so much as act like it doesn’t exist.



The ingredient list of Similac Baby Formula





 How can you expect anything less when as children we are exposed to childhood versions of crack parties misnamed birthday parties. We attend and even host these parties where we take our children and get them all hopped up on sugar and let them run around acting crazy for a couple of hours. Looking even deeper we use the same tricks that the animal handlers used to train their animals. “If you’re good or if you behave I will get you a lollipop or cookies or ice cream” is no different from a dolphin hitting the ball through a hoop and getting a sugary snack as a reward. What we need to understand is that sugar is not a nutrient, it’s a stimulant.







Don’t get me wrong there are many different types of sugars, some natural, many refined and man-made. The body metabolizes the sugars found in certain fruit, veggies, and grains totally different than it does the refined ones. The refined processed sugars are the ones that are not only most addictive but also most harmful to our bodies. We all love sweets, and in moderation there is minimal damage done to the body, but in today’s society there is very little, if no such thing as, moderation when it comes to sugar. It is literally in every single processed food that we consume. There are substitutes that you can use instead such as; raw agave nectar, dates, date sugar, grade B maple syrup, even coconut sugar. Although the ones that you find in granule form like the white sugar, aren’t as good a choice as the fresh or dried food in it’s whole form. The more extensive the processing is, the less whole the end product will be. With knowledge comes responsibility….. Keep it whole-listic.