Where do you get your Calcium?

We’ve all heard the tales of milk being rich in calcium but how true is that really? One of the first questions that we should be asking ourselves is “if milk is supposedly rich in calcium, then where do the cows get it from”? First let me say that milk is NOT a good source of calcium. What it is-is one of the most mucus forming so called “foods” that you can eat. It literally causes cell erosion, so how can it be good for you? How good can the source be if it’s breaking down the very core of what it’s supposed to be feeding/helping/nourishing? We know not.

These are some good sources of calcium that you’ll find in your pantry or fridge that will do you very little, if any harm at all (Seeds, Butters, and Nut Milks). That is the key, finding sources of what you need to maintain optimal health with causing yourself no harm in the process.chart1

Something  to keep in mind is that calcium ingestion is important, but what’s even more important is calcium absorption, especially for people who regularly consume meat. When we consume meat the byproduct that’s extracted as waste is uric acid. We know that acid of any kind in the body, especially in the blood, causes major problems so the body uses it’s stores of minerals to bind these acids when this happens. In the case of uric acid it happens to utilize it’s calcium stores, which over long term will cause all kinds of problems from organ failure to bone density loss. So there are  factors other than the source that you must consider as well. In order for the body to absorb this calcium efficiently and have it assimilate are just as important as getting it. You can have a whole barrel of gas but if you don’t have a way to get it into your gas tank where it can be used then it’s like not having any gas at all.

Without getting too scientific I’ll mention that certain minerals bond well with other minerals which make them more “bioavailable” or easier to absorb into the body. So there are food combinations that work well together. I know for those that love to eat this can sound a little scary but don’t worry, these combinations usually compliment each other taste wise too. “Let they food be thy medicine”…. Keep it whole-listic.